Your Guide to Fall Pest Control in Albany, NY

Like us, insects in the northeast are looking for a cozy place to hunker down for the winter, and many find refuge in our homes and residences. Here are a few common critters to be on the lookout for in the Capital Region this fall.


Their name sounds harmless, and, for the most part, these red and orange beetles with black spots and wings will not cause damage to your home. However, they give off an odor when irritated and many people experience allergic reactions and sneezing when ladybugs invade their homes. Keep an eye out before the first frost and in warm attics.

Western Conifer Seed Bug

This insect is relatively new to the area. Originally found in Pennsylvania in 1992, the seed bug gets its name from its diet of conifer seeds, which means homeowners with conifers, or pine trees, are more likely to encounter a seed bug infestation in Albany. While they don’t bite or cause structural damage, they have a very intimidating appearance.

612_4306881Stink Bug

Their name alone is enough to strike fear in most homeowners, and rightfully so. While they do not reproduce or feed indoors, stink bugs emit a pungent fluid when crushed or disturbed. Also discovered in Pennsylvania in the nineties, stink bugs are native to China and Japan, and are being watched closely by the agricultural community for their impact on crops.

Box Elder Bug

These harmless black bugs with red accents are commonly seen clustering in large groups at the base of trees or on the sunny side of your home. In the fall, box elder bugs seek shelter and warmth inside, and, if present in large numbers, they can be quite a nuisance. If you have box elder, maple or ash trees on your property, keep screens, attic and soffit vents in good repair.

321_3670868Cluster Fly

These flies are slightly larger and darker than the common house fly, and they invade homes in the northeast at the end of August through October. They do not bite and will not feed or reproduce in your home, but they smell like buckwheat when crushed. They are often seen clustering in the corners of high ceilings or attics, and are slow moving and easy to catch in the winter.

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