A pest infestation can really do a number on your home or place of business. Even a single wild animal can wreak havoc. Because mice, rats, fleas, roaches and other pests may be carrying diseases, they can pose a health threat to humans. Moths can damage textiles, while mice nibble food and fabrics. Let OPC Pest Control intervene to rid your workplace or home of those pesky pests.

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Insect problems can worsen if you wait too long before calling in an exterminator. Termites and carpenter ants can destroy a wooden structure and if they are not properly eradicated, they can come back and cause more damage. Bees and wasps can become aggressive if disturbed and their stings can cause life threatening allergic reactions.

If you are having a problem with bugs in the greater Capital Region of NY, OPC Pest Control can solve it. We are adept at dealing with a variety of insects, including:

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Our clientele ranges from single family home owners to business owners. Many of our customers are in Albany, Saratoga Springs, and Clifton Park NY. Browse our pest control services today!

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