In order to purge pests from your home or business, it might be necessary to employ chemicals. Depending on your problem, OPC technicians choose from a range of chemical products that are specifically designed to remove pests including Fenvastar and Talstar. We inform all customers about any chemicals we plan to use.

The chemicals that we work with are highly effective. We always observe proper protocols for applying chemicals safely and correctly. OPC has conducted research to find the safest, most effective chemicals in the pest control industry. All the chemicals that OPC exterminators use are registered with the New York State and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Feel free to review OPC’s chemical information and warranty guide to find out more about what’s in the chemicals we utilize and learn about manufacturers’ safety warnings.

Click here to view all the labels for the products used.

Please don’t hesitate to call OPC Pest Control at 518-877-6425 if you want additional clarification about the chemical products we use.


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