How Many Spiders is Too Many Spiders?

Between the eight legs and the eight eyes, not to mention the creeping and the crawling, spiders are usually pretty unpopular pests. But one or two spiders probably doesn’t indicate you have a spider infestation. In fact, one or two spiders can be bad news for other pests and good news for you.

You may see an increase in spiders during the fall months in the Albany / Saratoga Springs, NY area when male spiders come indoors seeking female mates.

When you have a spider infestation (and what to do about it)

But let’s say you have more than one or two spiders. Is it time to call a pest control expert?

The short answer is: yes, you should call a pest control expert. Since spiders eat other pests, a lot of spiders in your home is usually a pretty good indication that your home is also a good source of food for the spiders. A professional pest control expert can evaluate your home and determine the source of the issue (and if you have any hidden pest problems hidden by the spiders).

The longer answer is: yes, probably, but there are some things you can do first.

  • Clean – Spiders like to build their webs amidst clutter along the outside perimeter of your home or in crawlspaces, attics, and basements. If you notice more than your average number of spiders, the first step is to remove favorable conditions. Keep your house, storage areas, and vegetation neat, tidy, and clutter-free to make it as inhospitable to spiders as possible.
  • Insecticide – Though insecticide usually does not directly harm spiders, insecticide is an indirect way to deal with your spider infestation. Since spiders feed on insects, removing the source of food will go a long way to mitigating your spider problem.
  • Seal the cracks in your home – Spiders that can’t get inside are spiders that won’t get inside. Make sure doors, windows, walls, floors, basements, and attics are sealed to keep spiders from finding their way into your home.

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